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About Maxnova

Maxnova or Maxnova group of companies is committed to delivering happiness in the form of ‘good health’ in everyone’s home. In the preceding years, Maxnova group of companies has encountered a massive growth rate which defines our strong presence in the industry.We are a leading manufacturer of high-quality Herbal Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals and Ayurvedic Beauty Products.

Alongside Nutraceutical, Maxnova dominant existence can’t be left unnoticed in OTG range products too. For instance, our name is plausibly pronounced across Ayurvedic herbal, skincare and psychiatric division also. And it makes us feel proud that we’re scaling at a fast pace.

Every time we put our extensive efforts into introducing the first-class cosmetic product, we are always in search of understanding your necessity for better skincare solutions at a deeper level.

Although credit also goes to each person working in the backend of the company. Each professional hand because of whom we are able to withstand in the market confidently has a significant contribution in taking Maxnova group of companies to a global level.

All of these things inspire us to keep smiling and to introduce a new phenomenon where any fundamental skin-related issues are treated,Maxnova is continually moving forward with a sole intent to beautify the future and cherish the society with the best-ever healthcare services.

We also provide 24×7 customer support. That’s why if you’ve any query or want to get in touch with us, feel free to contact us.

Our Team


Here we are presenting our certification and achievements which define our purity and potency in our products. For a Company, certifications are the top assets that work as social proof to explain the purity of products and always precious to the company because we achieve it after giving our best.

Why Choose Us?

Maxnova Healthcare focuses on the trade of medical products. Here we are committed to achieving our long term business goal and relationships based on our high quality competitive and service terms.

Quality Assurance

We make desired efforts to ensure that our product ingredients are sourced from the best companies across the world. Besides, our warehouse is a temperature-controlled facility providing a margin of safety required by any leading company.


In our journey to climb high, we assure our clients that choosing us is an excellent choice for them. As in all these years, we have been working tirelessly for achieving excellence in efficiency, quality and safety for promoting better health for our customers and health care sector.

Customer Friendly

Our services are in the realm of our clients. We tend to devise policies in favour of my customers as they are the reason why we stand tall today. Our expertise in our field helps us in matching the client's expectations which no one in the industry can.

Research Ability

Our research labs are abled with tools and desired chemicals to test the formulas when required. Our researchers do work on making medicines better every day. We have been in the industry for a decade, and our researchers have made us proud by devising efficient medicines.

Global Presence

We mark our global presence around the world and allow our customers to order our medicine from anywhere across the globe. Please have a look at our terms and conditions while placing your order. We will be more than happy to serve you with our best products and services.

Quality Products

We offer the right mix of price and quality to our clients. Maxnova Healthcare ensures the quality in all of their deliverables in domestic as well as international markets.

Maxnova Healthcare


Maxnova has a premise that is exclusively equipped with all the trailblazing and superior specialties. Our whole infrastructural segment is properly divided into Four sections viz. research and development, manufacturing unit, quality testing, and warehousing & packaging section. All the separate parts are managed by senior-most professionals who have immense expertise in their particular fields. Our Firm’s premise spread across a spacious area, including all the safety measures. Maxnova and a group of companies are leading players in the industry and we always received positive reviews from our clients.

Our Mission

Recognizing the tremendous sector potential for effectively treating severe, rare and chronic illnesses, we have been consistently working to ensure that the patients in India have direct access to innovative and economical medicines.

Our Vision

Our vision at Maxnova Healthcare is to establish as one of the best companies in India in terms of innovation, expertise and responsible entrepreneurship.

Medical Community: Ranking high in the healthcare community for our accountability and high quality of services and products provided by us.

Our people: Building an ideal working ambience and recruit the best talent from our sector.

Environment and Community: We are a role model for contributing to society, to sustainable development and the Indian economy.

Our partner: Be a partner for one of the leading companies.


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