Top 5 Indian cosmetic brands you should know about

indian cosmetics brands

India has always been a very exotic land with cultural advantages in many forms for years and decades. India has been practicing Ayurveda since 5000 BC that had opened so many branches of science, including remedies to skin and hair problems. These practices and culture have led to the development of indigenous Indian cosmetic brands that use natural ingredients and are also easy on the pocket.

However, this is not a place for us to decide what cosmetic brands you must choose. If you want to use western products, you may ask for sure. But if you feel like you need a change and want to try something natural and different, you can scroll down to find our five recommended best makeup brands in india.

1. Lakme

While many perceive Lakme to be a foreign brand, it is not the case. At one time, Lakme was the most famous and used brand by Indian households after its operations in 1952. It soon grabbed the market with its rose face powder and crème. The name, however, interestingly, is derived from a French opera to appeal to Indian consumers. Our first prime minister suggested this Indian brand as women were spending more on foreign cosmetic brands. They have constantly been improving their cosmetic portfolio since then.

2. Biotique

Biotique is the first of a kind of Indian cosmetic brands  that has introduced fully organic cosmetics in the Indian market. The ingredients are fully natural and devoid of any preservatives. They use cold extraction from the plants so that the major ingredients are preserved in the products and can be applied to the body. Since they are not using any preservatives, the cosmetics come in small eco- friendly packaging.

3. Shahnaz Hussain

One of the most famous Indian makeup brands in the 90’s is none other than Shahnaz Hussain. The products of Shahnaz Hussain ‘s portfolio are considered to be one of the gems just after Lakme. She founded the company back in the 1970s and created several facial kits for women. One of the favorites in the market is Shahnaz Hussain’s anti-aging facial kit. However, they have constantly been improving their products and have come up with herbal cosmetic treatments.

4. Maxnova

One of the emerging names in the Indian cosmetic brands is undoubtedly Maxnova. They have a whole product basket of every skincare routine that you can expect. It started as a healthcare unit, but their formulations joined with an online business platform to penetrate the market with baby skincare routines, facewash, Ayurvedic soaps, and what not.

5. Lotus Herbals

Another contender in the organic and herbal cosmetic market is the Lotus Herbals. The brand started in 1993 and was exclusively exporting its products. The success mantra involved in their high- volume business was rooted in their commitment to ayurvedic knowledge and modern technologies.

The brand has more than 250 products in skin, hair, and make-up products. The most loved ones are
their sunblock and facewash. These Indian cosmetic brands made a name for themselves in the Indian market and have shown some dominance in the foreign market.