5 Top Pharma Companies In Ambala

Pcd pharma franchise company in Ambala

Pcd Pharma franchise company in Ambala

Ambala, a prominent district of Haryana, is only 78 km far from Baddi, Asia’s biggest pharmaceuticals hub. The city is perfectly located with its proximity to the various pharmaceutical hubs along with other benefits such as high business opportunities, availability of raw materials, favoring government policies, etc. The market for pharmaceutical companies has substantially changed after the growth of the concept of PCD pharma company and PCD pharma franchise company. With the help of the PCD pharma franchise company, PCD pharma can penetrate the local market. As the local franchise holder has better understanding of the local market and its requirements. Thus, the PCD pharma company can get hold of the market very easily and effectively. If you are looking for the top pharma companies in Ambala, your search ends here. As we have created the list of Top Pcd pharma franchise company in Ambala for you.

  1. Maxnova healthcare

Maxnova healthcare is one of the top pharma companies in Ambala. Alongside Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical, Maxnova healthcare has made its dominant existence in OTG range products too. For instance, the company’s name is plausibly pronounced across Ayurvedic herbal, skincare, and psychiatric division also. Maxnova has also marked its global presence around the world offering the right mix of price and quality to their clients. Maxnova offers instant delivery services within 24 hours, assures on-the-spot resolution on the occurrence of grievances, provides real-time training, marketing support, and much more.

  • Address:- Ambala Chandigarh Expy, Baldev Nagar, Ambala city, 134007, Haryana, India
  1. Kenriz care

Kenriz Care is a profound name in the pharmaceutical industry. Kenriz care is working towards the journey of making society free from diabetes and cardiovascular diseases which are worldwide public health concerns. They are committed to innovation, sustaining the quality of life, and providing patients with effective medicine. Kenriz care is specialized in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Cardiac & Diabetic medicines with combinations of high-quality composition drugs like Amlodipine, Atenolol, CARVEDILOL, Glimepiride, Metformin, etc. They are offering a PCD pharma Franchise for Cardiac & Diabetic medicines. Their PCD Pharma franchise model offers monopoly rights, high-profit-margin, free marketing promotional tools, etc.

  • Address:- 1st floor, Nanhera Road, Kuldeep Nagar, Ambala Cantt., Haryana
  1. Saffron Medicare Pvt. Ltd.

Saffron medicare is serving in the pharma since a decade with the mission to reach the acme of success in the medical world. Saffron medicure manufacture and supply a wide variety of medical products including Antibiotics, Analgesics, Gynaecare, Ayurvedic Preparations, Injectables, Syrups, Suspensions, and Nutraceuticals. Saffron Medicare is the parent division of Orange biotech which is highly dedicated to offering Marketing Rights to PCD Pharma Franchise who plans to promote healthcare solutions according to the guidelines of specific states, or cities.

  • Address:- #24 Dukheri road, Mohra, Ambala, 133004
  1. Kolaz Biotech Pvt. Ltd. 

Kolaz Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is running intending to enhance the health standards of the country. The medicines offered by them are widely consumed by their clients owing to their long shelf life, precise composition, high effectiveness, safe consumption, quick action, zero side-effect, and hygienic packing. Kolaz biotech Pvt. Ltd. assures the quality of their pharmaceutical products as these are rigorously tested before final packaging and delivery. All their offered pharmaceutical products are in line with the medical industry standards and assure quick and effective results. They offer monopoly rights to their clients with a wide area under the control of the propaganda cum distributorship owner.

  • Address:- #1,2 Ground floor, Nanhera Road, Kuldeep Nagar, Ambala, Haryana
  1. Maksun biotech

Maksun biotech, a leading pharmaceutical company in Ambalahas established a strong capability of providing the latest formulations and is committed to remain one step ahead. Maksun biotech provides a wide range of Analgesics, Antibiotic and Anti-Infective, Anti cold and Antiallergic, Antipsychotic, Haematirics, Hormones, Cardiovascular drugs, and Neurology and nutritional supplements. They offer the best quality products which meet all quality parameters. Maksun biotech understands the challenges of the pharma industry. Thus, it provides its associates with the best marketing backup at free of cost.

  • Address:- Godown no. 1,2and3 near Supari factory, Nanhera Road, Kuldeep Nagar, Ambala Cantt. (Haryana)